Teacher as Tutor: Professional Learning

Initial Training and Coaching

The resources in this section include guidance, materials, and tools to support initial training and ongoing coaching for math tutors.

High-Impact Tutoring

The research behind and description of drivers of high-impact tutoring.

Initial Training and Coaching

Guidance for initial tutor training and ongoing coaching.

Professional Learning Topics

Effective tutors have strong initial training and ongoing coaching and professional learning. The resources in this section include training materials and tools to support math tutor professional learning. 

Approach to Teaching Math

Video on bringing math to life and teaching it in a fun way.

Equity in Math Instruction

Resources for understanding and achieving equity in the math learning environment.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for a range of math topics including equations, geometry concepts, and more as well as teaching strategies including virtual assessments, grouping students, and more.

Mathematical Practice Standards

Information on the Common Core Standards and connections to the Mathematical Practice Standards.


Website describing the relationship between RTI and MTSS, and instruction, assessment, and decision making at Tiers 1, 2, and 3.