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  • What is High-Impact Tutoring

    What is High-Impact Tutoring

    An Equitable, Proven Approach to Address Pandemic Learning Loss and Accelerate Learning

  • High-Impact Tutoring Standards

    High-Impact Tutoring Standards

    The Tutoring Quality Standards align with the Accelerator’s Framework for High-Impact Tutoring. An Advisory Group developed the standards and updates them regularly to reflect new learnings.

  • Tutoring Quality Improvement System

    Tutoring Quality Improvement System

    Take this free, research-based assessment of your tutoring program to find out how to align your program to our research-based quality standards.

  • Tutoring Database

    Tutoring Database

    This database includes an initial set of organizations that offer tutoring, technology platforms or academic interventions along with relevant information if available.


Literacy and Math

Design and Implementation

  • Tutoring Program Selection Toolkit

    Tutoring Program Selection Toolkit

    With insights from researchers and education leaders, this toolkit helps districts and states select the right tutoring program that meets the elements of high-impact tutoring.

  • Tutor Training Toolkit

    Tutor Training Toolkit

    This toolkit provides tutor program leaders with training development guidance, profiles of specific tutor trainings, and a searchable database.

  • High-Impact Tutoring

    Toolkit for Tutoring Programs

    This toolkit is designed to guide practitioners through designing and implementing a new high-impact tutoring program, or improving an existing one.

  • High-Impact Tutoring: District Playbook

    High-Impact Tutoring: District Playbook

    This Playbook and the accompanying District Playbook Workbook is designed for school district staff interested in implementing High-Impact Tutoring programs in their districts.

  • High-Impact Tutoring: Higher Education Institution Playbook

    High-Impact Tutoring: Higher Education Institution Playbook

    This Playbook aims to support HEIs in partnering with school districts to offer high-impact tutoring services.

  • High-Impact Tutoring: Out-of-School Time Playbook

    High-Impact Tutoring: Out-of-School Time Playbook

    This Playbook aims to support OST providers and networks that support OST providers that are interested in expanding or beginning to offer high-impact tutoring programs.

  • Tutoring Cost Calculator 2.0

    Tutoring Cost Calculator 2.0

    This tutoring cost calculator is intended to help districts and schools walk through key design features that drive tutoring costs.


  • Research Agenda

    Research Agenda

    Research consistently demonstrates that tutoring interventions have substantial positive effects on student learning.

  • Research Database

    Research Database

    This tool allows education practitioners and researchers to quickly access quantitative research on tutoring program effectiveness.

  • Current Research

    Current Research

    This report lists ongoing and planned research studies related to high-impact tutoring, collected from researchers invited to the annual National Student Support Accelerator Conference in May 2023.

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