Process Profiles

Which early literacy instructional materials tutors use with their students can powerfully affect a tutoring program’s outcomes. This tool provides guidance for tutoring providers and districts running their own programs in selecting, developing and implementing early literacy instructional materials specifically for tutoring programs, and it profiles several strong examples. The tool includes:

The key difference between the robust and expedited processes is the former involves significant stakeholder collaboration, through:

  • A Review Committee to help select the instructional materials and
  • An Implementation Support Team to plan for implementation and monitor the progress of the effort.

Tutoring programs that must select and implement materials on a short timeline won’t have the time to involve a significant number of stakeholders in their decision-making. Nonetheless, the expedited process outlines critical steps to reach a strong decision and plan appropriately for implementation.

We are grateful to Instruction Partners, whose Curriculum Support Guide we adapted for tutoring.