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Letter from Parents

Dear parents, caregivers, and families,

Like you, we are concerned about ensuring our children feel cherished, affirmed, and prepared for a lifetime of opportunity and choice. We believe the education system was not designed to serve all children, and the biggest barrier to having access to an excellent school is a lack of political will to improve the system. The voices and experiences of parents, families, and students should be elevated and centered in decisions about education.

Innovate is a non-profit that organizes thousands of parents throughout California. We are united in working to improve education for Black and Latino students, English learners, and students with learning differences. Our vision is to see all students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally so that they can realize their goals and dreams.

Students across the nation are falling behind and many are not prepared to succeed in college. In 2022, only 33% of fourth graders in the United States were proficient in reading, and only 36% were proficient in math. And only 31% of eighth graders were proficient in reading, and 26% were proficient in math.1 It is imperative we take action now to support students.

High-impact tutoring is a powerful strategy that can help students recover and accelerate their learning. As parent leaders in California, we have successfully advocated for and partnered with our local city governments and school districts to fund and scale high-impact tutoring. Our goal with this toolkit is for more parents to use their leadership to advocate for their chilld’s and all students' needs. 

This toolkit was created to equip you with the resources needed to: 1) understand how high-impact tutoring can help students recover and thrive, 2) contribute to your child’s success in school, and 3) empower yourself and other families to advocate for high-impact tutoring.

In the spirit of transformation,

Innovate Parent Leaders from California

1 NAEP Report Cards: Reading and Mathematics, Overall NAEP Achievement Levels, Grades 4 and 8, 2022.

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The National Student Support Accelerator and Innovate Public Schools created this tool to help families understand and advocate for high-impact tutoring in their communities. By equipping families with this tool, we aim to foster greater parent leadership and engagement with high-impact tutoring to support students across the nation.

The toolkit’s purpose is to:

Understand what high-impact tutoring is

Contribute to your child’s success in school

Empower yourself and other families to advocate and partner with schools