NSSA and Innovate extend our gratitude to all who have contributed to the toolkit. We appreciate the following individuals for engaging in interviews, and the families and parent leaders affiliated with Innovate Public Schools and Parent Shield for sharing their expertise and assisting us in crafting accessible tools for families and parents. 

  • Alejandro de Gac, Springboard Collaborative
  • Alex Cortez, Bellwether
  • Charleita Richardson, Durham Children's Initiative
  • Darryl Willie, Saga Education/Duval County School Board
  • Elena Maina, Student U
  • Helen Westmoreland, National Parent Teacher Association
  • Jennifer Perla, Innovate Public Schools
  • Kate Baur-Jones, Future Forward
  • Kerry Savage, DC PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voices in Education)
  • Lakisha Young, The Oakland REACH
  • Maryellen Butke, Organizer Zero
  • Najah Callander, Houston Independent School District 
  • Nicholas Martinez, Transform Education Now
  • Sanam Jorjani, Oakland Literacy Coalition
  • Sarah Carpenter, Memphis Lift
  • Shalelia Dillard, SCD Enrichment Program
  • Trenace Dorsey-Hollins, Parent Shield
  • Valerie Anderson, Emily K Center
  • Veronica Crespin-Palmer, RISE Colorado
  • Windy Lopez-Aflitto, Learning Heroes
  • Yu-Ling Cheng, Parents as Allies, KidsBurgh

Parent Shield Family Focus Group

  • Bridgette White
  • Danyale Pippins
  • Dawnshetta Sparks
  • Keasha Thompson
  • Kim Truss
  • Melony Watson

Innovate Public Schools Focus Group

  • Aida Vega
  • Carmen Rodriguez
  • Cristina Sanchez
  • Cynthia Segura
  • Deborah Sommmers 
  • Joanne Abernathy 
  • LaQuisha Bryant 
  • Lucia Acevedo
  • Tonya Craft Perry

National Student Support Accelerator

National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) is a program of the Stanford Accelerator for Learning and Systems Change for Advancing Learning and Equity (SCALE) at Stanford University. NSSA is devoted to translating promising research about how tutoring can benefit students into action on the ground. Our vision is that every K-12 student in need will have access to an effective tutor that champions and ensures their learning and success. NSSA focuses on three strands of work: catalyzing the field of tutoring by creating communities of practice, building consensus around standards, and coordinating research efforts; accelerating the growth of high-impact tutoring by providing open access tools and technical assistance to schools, districts and states interested in implementing tutoring and to tutoring providers interested in improvement; and engaging and activating stakeholders to build demand and ensure funding.

Innovate Public Schools

Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization that builds the power and capacity of parents and families to organize, advocate, and demand high quality schools for their children. We believe the education system was not designed to serve all children, and that the biggest barrier to all children having access to an excellent school is a lack of political will to improve the system. We believe the voices and experiences of parents, families, and students should be elevated and centered in decisions about education. To learn more about how Innovate Public Schools organizes families locally and across the state visit