This Professional Learning Toolkit is intended for staff who design the sequence of professional development for early literacy tutors. It includes a Professional Learning Framework that provides guidance and resources for conducting professional learning, an Early Literacy Tutor Training Recipe Book that offers learning goals and critical ingredients to build a strong scope and sequence of training, before tutors work with students and an Early Literacy Tutor Continuous Learning Resource Bank to support the ongoing professional learning of tutors.


The National Student Support Accelerator thanks the following people for contributing to the development of the Professional Learning Toolkit for Early Literacy Tutors. Whether it was providing insight into what tutoring providers and districts need from tools, participating in ideation sessions, serving on working groups, offering feedback, or allowing their organization's proprietary tools to be included, the assistance these individuals offered brings these tools to life. We are grateful to this strong national network of early literacy tutoring champions: Rebecca Silverman (Haas Center), Renee Scott (Haas Center), Shanita Young (NC Education Corps), John-Paul Smith (NC Education Corps), Pam Hartley (NC Education Corps), Cara Schrack (Experience Corps), Mioshi Moses (Experience Corps), Adam Zalisk (Amplify), Bobby Moore (Amplify), Tara Hewitt (Amplify), Matt Radigan (Amplify), Lindsay Sullivan (Amplify), Stephanie Parkinson (Amplify), Alanna Phelan (Amplify), Dean Elson (Reading Partners), Tiffany Zapico (Reading Rescue), Phylisa Wisdom (Reading Rescue), Erica Doherty (Reading Rescue), Nati Rodriguez (Step-Up), Becca Bunn (Step-Up), Sue Shachar (Step-Up), Emily Freitag (Instruction Partners), Julie Parrish (Instruction Partners), Joey Hassell (Superintendent, Haywood County Schools), Anne Sinclair (Reading Corps), David Parker (Reading Corps), Dr. April Baker-Bell (Michigan State University), Christina Claiborne (Ed Research for Recovery), Neeraj Kaapor (Learn to Be), Alma Kimura (LAUSD), Derek Little (Dallas ISD), Sharla Hudspeth Dallas ISD), Elizabeth Moore (Gwinnett Co. Public Schools), Tricia Kennedy (Gwinnett Co. Public Schools), Shannen Siciliano, Stephanie Thai (POP Ed Consulting), Morgan Craig, Ashley Bencan, Dr. Danielle Jackson.