Early Literacy Tutor Professional Learning Framework


This Framework for Professional Learning is part of the National Student Support Accelerator’s Professional Learning Toolkit for Early Literacy Tutors1 which consists of the following three sections:

The ingredients in our Early Literacy Tutor Training Recipe Book and Continuous Learning Resource Bank offer content to build tutors’ knowledge, while this Professional Learning Framework addresses how providers engage tutors with that content. It also helps clarify how tutors’ practice -- during both their preparation to tutor and their tutoring with students -- can be the most important source of their learning, if well-structured. 

All resources included in this framework are open-source, available for free use by all. We have vetted and selected these resources because they meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Early literacy tutoring providers or experts in the field recommended them.
  • They align with an evidence-based approach to language and literacy instruction. Resources on topics related to important educational needs of the whole child, beyond language and literacy, are evidence-based and honor the child’s full humanity.
  • Resources related to professional learning align with an evidence-based approach to educator training and the continuous development of adult learners.

1These resources and materials are based on a review of relevant research from the field of teacher education and professional learning and interviews conducted with early literacy tutoring providers.