PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library

Personalized approaches to math learning, such as high-impact tutoring, provide significant benefits for students and accelerate student math learning (Nickow, et. al., 2020). The PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library provides tools for instructional strategies, culturally sustaining teaching, professional learning, and feedback and evaluation for tutors, teachers, tutor program managers, and parents (caregivers) supporting students in PK - 8 math tutoring programs. 

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This Resource Library will be updated periodically to remain current. If you have feedback or questions on this Resource Library, or have suggestions for additional resources, please submit them HERE.

The PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library was created in collaboration with Drs. Carmen Thomas-Browne and Cassandra Brentley, urban education scholars with expertise in culturally sustaining teaching and learning in mathematics. As researchers and practitioners in the field, their body of work centers on positively impacting the math identities of students and mathematics instructional design as strong contributors to student learning outcomes. The National Student Support Accelerator would like to thank the organizations, educators, and caregivers who contributed to the development of the PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library.