About the Toolkit

The Tutoring Program Selection Toolkit, designed to complement the District Playbook, helps Local Educational Agencies (LEAs/districts) and State Educational Agencies (SEAs) design a tutoring provider selection process and select tutoring providers that match their specific needs. While LEAs and SEAs are our primary audience, school leaders and tutoring providers can also find the resources in this toolkit helpful. This toolkit includes three specific tools:

Needs Assessment Tool

Clarify your tutoring needs

Selection Criteria Tool

Craft a Request for Proposals and design a rubric for evaluation

Comparison Table

Compare Potential Providers

NSSA welcomes any inquiries and feedback. Please complete this form to provide feedback on the toolkit. 

NSSA extends its appreciation to the following for their valuable input on the content and structure of this toolkit.

  • Spencer Ellis, Colorado State Department of Education
  • Rich Marshall, Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators
  • John Scianimanico, Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Colby Self, Texas Education Agency
  • Tutoring Educator Advisory Group: Connie Michael, Estefania Rios, John Retzer, Katie Allen, Katrinet Sims, Maurice Telesford, Ryann Skrypec, and Toni Hicks