Tutoring Provider Comparison Table

The Comparison Table is an interactive tool for evaluating and comparing RFP applicants. You can select the submission requirements applicable to your needs and suggested respective evaluation criteria will automatically populate.

The tool distinguishes requirements in white that align with the research-backed characteristics of high-impact tutoring and requirements in gray which may apply to your particular state or district's needs. The tool also offers a blank rubric with categories of Fully Aligned, Mostly Aligned, Partially Aligned, and Not Aligned so that you can define these categories based on your own policies, regulations, and standards.

We provide two evaluation rubrics examples: New Hampshire (p. 10) and Cumberland County Schools district (p. 11).  

To begin:

  • Click on "Download Tutoring Provider Comparison Table"
  • Click "Make a Copy"
  • A new Google sheet will appear with further instructions for how to create your own Comparison Table.

Download Tutoring Provider Comparison Table