Our Impact

In fall 2020, a group of nationally recognized education experts launched the National Student Support Accelerator. In March 2021, we unveiled the Accelerator website with open-source tools and resources for tutoring organizations, schools, and districts that are easy to use, downloadable, and designed to make structuring, implementing and scaling high-impact tutoring programs as straightforward as possible.

To date the Accelerator has:

Currently, we are:

  • Building a community amongst education leaders across the nation to learn from each other and more effectively implement high-impact tutoring;
  • Providing materials and assistance to states, districts, tutoring organizations, and advocacy organizations to support their high-impact tutoring efforts;
  • Continuing to add to tools and information briefs to make it easier to adopt and/or expand high-impact tutoring;
  • Continuing to share new research results that allows this highly effective, relationship-based, individualized instruction to become more sustainable and embedded in our public education system for the long run.

As a result of this and other’s work, states such as Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and others are launching and expanding high-impact tutoring, thousands of education leaders understand the research and characteristics of high-impact tutoring, and new research across the country is focusing on learning more about how to make high-impact tutoring more effective, less costly, and easier to implement.

As we continue our work to increase access to high-impact tutoring to students in need, we encourage you to join us by getting involved!