Our Impact

In fall 2020, a group of nationally recognized education experts launched the National Student Support Accelerator. In March 2021, we unveiled the Accelerator website with open-source tools and resources for tutoring organizations, schools and districts that are easy to use and downloadable, having been designed to make structuring, implementing and scaling high-impact tutoring programs as straightforward as possible. 

We are excited to note that at their April 2021 meeting, The Senate Presidents’ Forum, where state senate leaders meet to share ideas, recently cited the importance of high impact tutoring and explicitly referenced the Accelerator’s work. In addition, states are beginning to propose legislation and take other steps recommended by the Accelerator to facilitate the implementation of high impact tutoring. The Texas  state legislature, for example, has proposed the creation of the Texas Tutor Corps program, and, in Colorado, proposed education legislation would provide grant funding to support high impact tutoring.