TQIS Self-Assessment

A Note about Equity: A true commitment to equitable outcomes requires individuals at all levels of a tutoring organization to 1) critically examine their own biases, 2) embed equity into program design, systems and structures, and 3) engage in constant reflection on program effectiveness. Throughout this assessment, you will answer questions designed to assess how well your tutoring program puts equity at the center of your practices. At the end of the self-assessment, you will receive feedback on how well your program aligns with the quality standards most closely tied to equity.

The work of striving for equity is never done, so we will keep updating this assessment and its recommendations to help programs embody equity in their decisions.

The Tutoring Quality Improvement System (TQIS) Self-Assessment provides tutoring programs* with a rapid, free, and research-based assessment of their program’s quality by comparing the tutoring program’s characteristics and activities to the TQIS Quality Standards.

The Self-Assessment can be completed in about 15-20 minutes by answering a series of questions with results, recommendations and resources available immediately.

We suggest previewing this TQIS Self-Assessment Form to familiarize yourself with the questions prior to taking the assessment.

TQIS Self-Assessment Form

Take the Self-Assessment

*  Tutoring programs include any program that provides tutoring such as a program operated by an independent tutoring or community-based organization, a "build your own" program operated by a school or district or a program operated through a district or school partnership with a tutoring provider, community-based organization, or higher education institution.