Teacher as Tutor: Culturally Sustaining Teaching

Culturally Sustaining Teaching

K-12 students come from a wide range of races, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. Effective tutors are prepared to teach and reach all learners. This section contains resources to support math tutors in culturally sustaining teaching.

Cultural Proficiency

Resources for building and supporting cultural awareness, sustaining culture, reducing and disrupting bias, and enhancing student identities in the educational process.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Mathematics education guides and resources intended to capitalize on the knowledge, culture, and ways of being of students.


Resources and a framework to support centering equity in mathematics teaching and learning.

Learning for Justice

Articles, guides, lessons, films, and webinars to support educators, leaders, and other stakeholders in educating youth and can be applied to math tutoring.

Social Justice Math

Resources and examples of teaching societal injustices through mathematics.

Equitable Math Teaching

Effective math tutors intentionally examine their actions, mindsets, and values and consider how these factors impact their math teaching. Effective math tutors apply an equity lens to tutoring resources, strategies, and practices in order to create safe learning environments for all students. The resources in this section provide guidance in creating equity in math instruction.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Guidance to create a safe learning space in which all students can experience an inclusive and culturally responsive environment.

Equitable Math Practices

Resources for establishing an equitable math learning environment in which all students can experience high quality instruction.

Math for Multilingual Learners

Culture and confidence as a math learner are two important aspects to consider when working with multilingual learners. The resources in this section provide tools for teaching mathematics to linguistically diverse learners. 

Middle Grades Multilingual Learners

Middle grades specific math teaching and learning strategies for success of multilingual learners.

Multilingual Learner Math Teaching Tools

Tools and guides for facilitating the math teaching and learning of multilingual learners.


Podcast discussion on teaching mathematics to multilingual students and issues of immigration.


This section contains resources for supporting relationship building between tutor, students, and caregivers. Building effective relationships establishes trust that leads to student willingness to engage in productive struggle that in turn leads to math learning development and confidence as a math learner. 

Resources for building relationships with students and creating a sense of belonging in the learning environment.

Social Emotional Learning

Effective tutors incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) into their tutoring practices. This section includes specific resources and guidance to support incorporating social emotional learning into math tutoring.

SEL Explained

Learn what SEL is and why we need to consider SEL when creating equitable learning spaces during math tutoring. 

The Impact of SEL on Math Learning

Math learning provides many opportunities to develop SEL skills in students. The resources below provide ways math educators can incorporate SEL strategies into their tutoring practice.