Pre-Assessment Tool

Overview: Where should you start?

Filling out the Pre-Assessment Checklist below can help you identify what content in this Playbook will be most helpful based on where you are in the process of establishing a tutoring program. If planning hasn’t started, this Pre-Assessment can help build consensus about the steps needed to plan a High-Impact Tutoring program and ensure that your district’s stakeholders are willing and able to implement it successfully.

Read through the list below and check off each step you have already completed. If you are unsure whether to mark a step as complete, use the optional reflection tool in the accompanying workbook to start a conversation with relevant stakeholders to determine which steps have already been completed and which steps you still need to take.

Pre-Assessment Checklist

Lay the Foundation

  • Assembled a task force for making initial design decisions about tutoring
  • Identified a Focus Area (content area + grade level) or Focus Areas for tutoring
  • Planned for alignment of tutoring with existing initiatives by determining how tutoring can both enhance core programming and present opportunities to replace less effective initiatives
  • Identified the number of students you plan to reach
  • Set the initial goals you hope to achieve by implementing tutoring
  • Selected an implementation strategy: partnering with a provider, growing your own or a hybrid approach

Plan for Effective Operations

  • Developed a project plan with feasible timelines
  • Developed a budget and identified initial and sustainable funding sources
  • Assessed which departments across the district should be involved in implementing tutoring
  • Developed a staffing plan, including (at minimum) a project manager
  • Identified and persuaded key stakeholders to ensure tutoring will be prioritized in the long term
  • Developed a plan for building stakeholder investment in your rationale for tutoring and incorporating stakeholders in the planning and decision-making process

Partner with a Provider or Grow Your Own Program

  • Designed a high-quality tutoring program OR contracted with a high-quality tutoring provider
  • Developed systems and processes for data collection, reflection, and continuous improvement
  • Developed a plan for regularly and clearly communicating student progress to each stakeholder group

Implement High-Impact Tutoring

  • Developed guidelines for selecting school sites and specific individual students for tutoring
  • Implemented school site logistics, including scheduling tutoring sessions in the master schedule
  • Planned regular communication with caregivers and students to ensure enrollment and attendance