Section 4: Implement High-Impact Tutoring

Implement High-Impact Tutoring

  • Overview: Why should you be selective about your program’s schools?
  • What criteria should you consider when selecting your program’s schools?

Selecting Students

  • Overview: Why should you create guidance for which students receive tutoring?
  • What criteria should you consider when selecting students?

Scheduling Sessions

  • Overview: How can districts and schools work together to schedule tutoring into the school day?
  • What are best practices in scheduling?
  • District-Level Guidance: How can districts support scheduling?
  • School-Level Guidance: What information is important to consider when making scheduling decisions?
  • School-Level Guidance: What are some common scheduling approaches?
  • Example Schedules

Boosting Enrollment and Attendance

  • Overview: How do you identify causes and solutions to poor enrollment or attendance?
  • What are common challenges to enrollment and attendance?
  • Enrollment and Attendance Troubleshooting Checklist
  • How do you boost enrollment at the outset?
  • How do you boost attendance throughout the year?

Building in Continuous Improvement

  • Overview: Why are continuous improvement systems critical to sustainability?
  • How should you use data for continuous improvement?