Section 1: Lay the Foundation

Foundation: Assemble a Task Force 

  • Overview: Why should you assemble a Task Force?
  • How often should the Task Force meet?
  • Who should be on the Task Force?
  • What should the Task Force prioritize?

Identifying a Focus Area

  • Overview: What is a Focus Area?
  • What Focus Areas have other High-Impact Tutoring programs chosen and why?
  • How do you identify a Focus Area?

Aligning with District Priorities and Existing Programs

  • Overview: Why is alignment with district priorities important?
  • What district priorities align best with tutoring?
  • Examples: Aligning with Existing Programs

Setting Goals

  • Overview: Why do you need to define goals at the outset?
  • What sources should inform the goals you set?
  • What kinds of goals should you set?
  • Example Academic Goals

Selecting a Tutoring Approach: Partner with a Provider, Grow Your Own Program or Hybrid?

  • Overview: What are the different tutoring approaches?
  • Which approach should you take?