Section 2: Plan for Effective Operations

Planning for High-Impact Tutoring

  • Overview: Why is planning ahead important?
  • Preliminary Question Checklist 
  • Planning Timeline Checklist 
  • How should you design and conduct a pilot program?

Understanding Central Capacity and Staffing Needs 

  • Overview: Which staffing decisions matter most?
  • Which tasks will require a central project manager?
  • How will you identify and compensate your project manager?
  • How will your program’s scale impact the support needed to implement tutoring?
  • What district collaboration is required for success and why?

Designing Data and Continuous Improvement Systems

  • Overview: How do data drive improvement?
  • How do you design a measurement system to track progress towards your goals?

Developing a Budget

  • Overview: How should you estimate your program’s budget?
  • What factors determine your program’s budget?
  • What are the typical cost categories for each tutoring approach?
  • How do you estimate tutor costs?
  • Your cost for tutors will depend on the tutors’ pay (which depends on their experience) and the number of hours they will work.
  • How can you reduce costs while minimizing impact on student outcomes?

Identifying Funding Sources

  • Overview: How do you source and sustain funding for High-Impact Tutoring?
  • How do you build a sustainable funding model?
  • What federal COVID-19 recovery funding is available?
  • What recurring federal funding is available?
  • What other funding options are available?

Building Stakeholder Investment and Enthusiasm 

  • Overview: Why does stakeholder investment matter?
  • What are general principles for all stakeholders?
  • What are best practices for each stakeholder group?
    • Students and Caregivers
    • Implementers: Tutors, Teachers, and School Administrators
    • Labor Unions
    • Community Partners
    • Local Governments