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01/11/2023. General
Literacy First partners with Title 1 schools in Central Texas to ensure that all children are reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade. Literacy First tutors kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students through daily, one-on-one, 30 minute sessions designed to strengthen early reading, fluency, and comprehension skills.

01/10/2023. General
Saga Education is an evidence-based, personalized tutoring model designed to support students struggling with math to put them on a path toward success and high school graduation. Saga partners with public school districts to supplement teacher instruction by offering trained tutors for students who are falling behind.

01/07/2023. Article
Susanna Loeb is named to the 2023 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. The metrics recognize university-based scholars in the U.S. who are doing the most to influence educational policy and practice. The rubric reflects both a scholar's larger body of work and their impact on the public discourse last year.

12/23/2022. Tool
A Note about Equity: A true commitment to equitable outcomes requires individuals at all levels of a tutoring organization to: 1) critically examine their own biases, 2) embed equity into program design, systems and structures, and 3) engage in constant reflection on program effectiveness.

12/15/2022. Article
“Online tutoring doesn’t have to mean after-school tutoring; it doesn’t have to mean opt-in tutoring,” said Susanna Loeb, the director of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, which has produced research on effective tutoring practices. “It really can be very similar [to in-person tutoring].”

12/15/2022. Organization
Rally Reader is an AI-powered e-reading platform for K-12 schools that distributes, supports, and tracks independent reading data along with one-to-one tutoring. We have an array of oral and silent reading features embedded into 120,000+ popular ebooks. Students and teachers can track progress in the dashboard, practice trip words, warm-up with future predicted challenge words, and work towards conquering the 1,000 high frequency words in our word wiz game.  

12/09/2022. Event
Join this webinar to better understand what drives effective tutoring and the recent research about On-Demand Tutoring from Carly Robinson, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Annenberg Institute at Brown University.  Dr. Robinson will be joined by LaMarlon J. Wilson, Executive Director of Instruction, Professional Development & Technology of the Mississippi Achievement School District, and Susanne Cramer, Executive Director of School Improvement of Omaha Public Schools to share the practical implications for successful implementation of tutoring in their districts.

12/09/2022. Research Study
Tutoring—defined here as one-on-one or small-group instructional programming by teachers, paraprofessionals, volunteers, or parents—is one of the most versatile and potentially transformative educational tools in use today. Within the past decade, dozens of preK-12 tutoring experiments have been conducted, varying widely in their approach, context, and cost. Our study represents the first systematic review and meta-analysis of these and earlier studies.

11/11/2022. Organization
Reconstruction is a Black owned and Black operated curriculum company that provides small group, live, K-12 supplemental and enrichment courses through an online platform that situates Black people, Black culture and Black heritage and contributions to America and the world in an authentic, identity-affirming manner. These interactive courses are designed to bring joy to students with a blend of academic intensives and cultural exploration curriculum.

11/02/2022. Organization
Virtual high-impact after school tutoring via one-on-one or small class size(s). Provision of STEM/STEAM after school enrichment programs.

11/02/2022. Organization
Startup Reading rebalances the resources a teacher employs to deliver reading lessons to the individual student with the appropriate level of personal engagement. Our approach uses digital reading lessons developed and tested in the classroom and in tutoring sessions to deliver individual reading lessons to the student.

11/02/2022. Organization
The Hampton Tutors model of academic coaching blends holistic student support in 3 areas: Academic tutoring through standards-based lessons Executive function coaching and student self-efficacy Mental health and wellness support through relationship-based mentoring We offer 1:1 academic coaching either in person, virtually, or blended.

11/02/2022. Organization
We provide individual tutoring, History Camps, and History Seminars for secondary students writing history research papers.

11/02/2022. Organization
Gateway begins with a diagnostic assessment to determine exactly where students' skill levels are. Then we have a goal-setting session to develop the high-impact tutoring program that is designed to bring the skill levels up to where they need to be and to continue them from there.

11/02/2022. Organization
SiSTEM offers online or in-person tutoring sessions in a group or privately. Students age 4 and up can get academic help in science, math, english and foreign language subjects. Our online tutoring sessions are accessible through your smartphone, tablet, or computer right here on our website.

11/02/2022. Organization
Revolution Prep serves schools, school districts, and community based organizations to provide virtual high availabilty, high impact tutoring and test prep programs. Revolution Prep's faculty members are full-time employees and receive 100+ hours of professional development and training every year, both in content and student engagement "growth mindset" strategies and techniques. Since 2002 Revolution Prep has provided academic success and tutoring programs to nearly 1,000 schools and districts and over 1 million students.

11/02/2022. Organization
We are a high-dosage reading tutorial program.

10/29/2022. Article
Tutoring is one of the most popular strategies for helping students catch up in the wake of the pandemic. But cost, staffing, and scheduling challenges often make it hard for schools to get these programs off the ground. A sweeping $10 million research effort announced Thursday aims to tackle that problem by studying 31 different tutoring initiatives across the country this school year. The goal is to answer some of the biggest open questions about how schools can put successful tutoring programs in place for more students — and then figure out if they worked.

10/28/2022. Article
In a recent study, we report on the implementation of opt-in, on-demand tutoring in partnership with the Aspire Public Schools (a charter management organization, or CMO) in California. The CMO provided 7,000 middle and high school students with free, unlimited access to one-on-one chat-based tutoring during the spring 2021 semester. Students accessed the program from a mobile device and could request help from an available tutor in any core subject. The topic of each tutoring session was usually driven by student questions and the interaction between tutors and students were chat-based with help from a virtual whiteboard to facilitate joint work.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Requires The Iowa Department of Education to form a learning recovery task force to evaluate the degree of learning loss experienced by students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The task force is expected to study, identify, and recommend remedial measures, of which specialized, individualized tutoring is outlined as an option. The bill outlines requirements for the make-up of the task force which includes: demographics, educator types, and other stakeholders.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Provides free online tutoring for K-12 students in South Dakota in English, math, science and social studies. Sessions are taught by university students in the School of Education at Northern State University or Black Hills State University.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Provides families in South Dakota with an educational savings account (ESA). The bill requires The Department of Education to create a savings account for students who withdrew from public schools and currently attend a non-public school. Public funds are deposited into SEAs and are used to aid students in receiving various educational resources, most relevant is private tutoring.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Creates a Math Tutoring Corps in partnership with OK colleges and universities to address middle and high school student learning disruption. Specifically, Algebra I tutoring for up to 1,500 grade 7-12 students per year is included. The program will include up to 500 current college and university students annually as tutors. The student-to-tutor ratio will be no more than 3:1. Tutors will be supervised and coached by up to 50 college and university mathematics faculty per year.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Provides Idaho caregivers with children in grades K-12 with educational grants of up to $1,000 per student, per year, and up to $3,000 per household. Grants are funded through the $50 million “Empowering Parents Grants” program, an initiative to address pandemic-related learning loss and part of Gov. Brad Little’s “Leading Idaho” initiative. The grant program supports families in acquiring a wide range of education-related expenses, some of which include technology, textbooks, tutoring and therapy services, etc.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Funds $47 million in emergency assistance to address the disruptions and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes a $1.3 million allocation for the teacher pipeline of which $789,730 goes towards the expansion of the Georgia Math & Reading Corps program in Southwest Georgia. The emergency assistance fund allows colleges and universities across Georgia to recruit college students to serve as tutors, specifically in rural districts.

10/28/2022. Legislation
Required K-3 students who received a failing grade in a subject to receive tutoring during the first nine weeks of school. The bill also required additional accelerated instruction for students who continue to receive failing grades in any subject for subsequent grading periods. Schools would have been required to form a committee for each student requiring instruction. The committee would have been responsible for developing an educational plan for the student that would provide accelerated instruction over the course of the semester.

10/26/2022. Article
Jack Goodwin was already struggling with math in middle school when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, upending his education even more. His mom, Shelly, knew he needed extra help to catch up. But Shelly Goodwin couldn’t find a tutor in their small town of Paris, about four hours south of Chicago. “I would ask the teachers, ‘Do you know anybody that tutors or can you tutor?’,” Shelly Goodwin said. “They would try to meet with [Jack] after school but they had five or six kids after school and they would say, ‘We don’t really know anyone that tutors around here.’”

10/15/2022. Article
With reading and math scores plummeting during the pandemic, educators and parents are now turning their attention to how kids can catch up. In the following Q&A, Susanna Loeb, an education economist at Brown University, shines a light on the best ways to use tutoring to help students get back on track.

10/08/2022. Article
In-school tutoring is not a silver bullet. But it may help students and schools reduce some pandemic-related slides in achievement.