HEI and K-12 School Tutoring Program Meeting Topics

Once the partnership between the HEI and K-12 schools is established, regular meetings between the HEI and K-12 schools ensure that the partnership remains healthy and improves over time. Depending on the size and scope of the program, these meetings may occur between the leader of the HEI tutoring program and the leader of the district program for regular overall program reviews, between site-specific leaders (i.e., the tutoring leader at a school site and the coach/manager of tutors placed at the school) or both.  This list of program meeting topics provides suggestions for the content of these meetings. Also see the Building in Continuous Improvement guidance for more detailed information on these processes. 


Student Attendance

  • Are there any concerning patterns of absences/tardies for students or tutors?
  • How can we address individual student and/or tutor concerns?
  • How can we address any classrooms and/or tutoring groups with inconsistent attendance?

Student Engagement

  • How is each student engaging with the other students and their tutor?
  • Do we need to take action? If so, what action is appropriate?

Student Progress

  • Is each student progressing toward mastery of a topic?
  • Is any specific student stuck? If so, what action should we take?

Teacher/Tutor Feedback

  • Are teachers getting the information they need about student progress?
  • Are tutors getting the information they need to meet student needs?
  • Is there additional information that can improve student progress?
  • What changes can we make in teacher/tutor communications to improve the sessions?

Technical Issues

  • Are there technical issues that need to be resolved to improve the sessions?

Logistical Issues

  • Are there logistical issues (e.g., space availability, supervision, transportation, etc.) that need to be resolved to improve the sessions?