Research shows that high-impact tutoring is unusually effective for accelerating K-12 student learning. In fact it is more effective than other interventions that have been tested and is effective across grade and content levels. High-impact tutoring occurs in numerous ways including in district or school developed programs, partnerships between districts and tutoring providers and partnerships between districts and higher education institutions (HEIs). HEIs have the particular potential to combine the benefits of tutoring for K-12 students with benefits for tutors, who, as college students, are developing skills and learning about future employment opportunities. 

This Playbook aims to support HEIs in partnering with school districts to offer high-impact tutoring services. While HEI staff members are the primary audience, state educational officials, school district staff, and school administrators can leverage many of the resources in the Playbook. 

The Playbook draws from research and from the deep knowledge of experts from higher education institutions, districts, tutoring programs, and elsewhere across the country. It is one of several interrelated research-backed tools the National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) provides to make it easier for HEIs, states, districts, schools, and nonprofits to develop and implement high-impact tutoring programs with quality. You will find references in this Playbook to these additional Accelerator tools:

District Playbook – extensive set of practical tools for districts to build or buy a tutoring program, including many resources to address how to implement the program. 

Research Agenda — synthesis of tutoring research highlighting the drivers of impact.

Toolkit for Tutoring Programs — extensive set of practical tools for practitioners and districts that want to develop or improve a high-impact tutoring program.

Tutoring Database — searchable database of over 250 tutoring programs that allows districts and schools to identify potential tutoring providers. Click here to add your information to this database.