Cost and Funding Considerations

Critical Questions
  • What costs are associated with our program design?
  • What funding sources are available for this program?
  • What does the higher education institution (HEI)’s leadership need to understand to ensure sustainability?
Implementation Checklist
  • Based on the size, scope, and model dimensions of the program, estimate the total cost to run the tutoring program. 
  • Determine what funds are currently available to support the program, and where there might be opportunities to secure additional funding. 
  • Consider how to advocate for funding needs through new and/or deepened partnerships.
Implementation Tools

HEI Specific Tools:

From Existing Resources: 

Key Insights

Consider operating as a tutoring contractor for your local school district instead of as a volunteer organization. 

  • This model elicits shared funding and shared responsibility for high quality programming and outcomes
  • Note: traditionally, teacher candidates cannot be paid as part of their practicum, though there are examples of teacher candidates tutoring students at their practicum site through other programs. 

Consider multiple funding sources for covering the operating costs not covered through district funds. 

  • Leverage HEI resources to support the grant application process and building capacity of staff in the tutoring program.
  • Consider applying for both public service and research grants.
  • Partner with local philanthropic organizations to seek additional funding opportunities.
  • Advocate for general fund allocations to support base funding to ensure program continuity.