Building Support for High-Impact Tutoring in your District

With aligned stakeholders, a map of local decision-makers and the rationale for high-impact tutoring in your district, you are prepared to build strong support among decision-makers to implement a high-impact tutoring program in your district. Consider your unique local context as you determine the specific action steps needed to reach the decision-makers in your district.

The most effective tutoring programs are successful because they have the support of educators, school and district leadership, and the local school board. Each of these groups has aligned interests yet play a different role in making a tutoring program successful. We suggest you engage with each group to share why high-impact tutoring is a good fit for your local district’s needs and listen to, understand, and address input and concerns. 

In this section will find a set of specific tools for each stakeholder group you may need to engage. Under each stakeholder group you will find messages you may find useful and helpful. We have also incorporated an easy-to-use presentation, a one-pager you can modify and use as a ‘leave-behind’ for further information and follow up, as well as some FAQs you may find useful.