Additional High-Impact Tutoring Resources

The National Student Support Accelerator is committed to providing districts with tools and resources to support the implementation of high-impact tutoring. These resources are listed below for your reference:

High-Impact Tutoring: District Playbook
Step-by-step research-backed guidance to make it easier for districts to partner with a provider or grow their own high-impact tutoring program.

Early Literacy Tutoring Toolkit
Tools and resources for tutor training and ongoing professional development and guidance for selecting early literacy tutoring materials including reviews.

Early Literacy Tutoring Landscape Analysis
Overview of the Accelerator’s survey of the current early literacy tutoring landscape across the US.

Educator Guide: High-Impact Tutoring Advocacy
Tools and materials to support educators in advocating for high-impact tutoring in their district.

Research Agenda
Synthesis of existing research outlining key drivers of effectiveness in successful tutoring programs.

Research Priorities
Summary of two complementary lines of research the Accelerator hopes that scholars, practitioners, and policymakers will use to guide future tutoring research 

State Tutoring Efforts and Legislation Database 
Database of state level tutoring efforts and legislation.

Toolkit for Tutoring Programs
Research-backed guide for tutoring providers and districts growing their own tutoring program to design and implement a new high-impact tutoring program or improve an existing one.

Tutoring Database
Searchable database of over 200 tutoring providers, tech platforms, and materials providers including details of their model, geographic locations served and research conducted.

Tutoring Cost Calculator
Simple to use calculator for tutoring providers or districts to estimate the cost of a tutoring program.

Tutoring Quality Improvement System: Self-Assessment
Rapid, free, and research-based tutoring tool for existing and developing tutoring programs to assess their program’s quality against a set of industry quality standards and receive targeted recommendations to improve program quality. 

Tutoring Quality Improvement System: NSSA Program Design Badge
The NSSA Program Design Badge recognizes tutoring providers who have designed their programs around research-backed high-impact tutoring characteristics. Take the Self-Assessment to help you determine if you are qualified to apply for our NSSA Program Design Badge.

What is High-Impact Tutoring 
Adaptable presentation of evidence of effectiveness and characteristics of high-impact tutoring.

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