Why High-Impact Tutoring?

High-impact tutoring is the most effective academic intervention for accelerating student learning researched to date and has the potential to provide additional relationship-based support to students for overall well-being, to attract additional people to the field of education, and to make educator’s work more productive.

High-Impact Tutoring is Effective

High-impact tutoring benefits students while supporting educators:

  • Over 150 randomized control trials have shown learning growth in many cases from approximately half a year to more than a year with one year of tutoring.
  • Research shows that high-impact tutoring is more effective than other researched interventions such as technology or professional development.
  • Successful high-impact tutoring existed prior to the pandemic, with a range of efforts including those in Minnesota and Chicago Public Schools among others. 
  • More individualized learning opportunities embedded in the school day allow classroom educators to focus on grade-level work.
  • High-impact tutoring programs that partner with higher education institutions can be used to expand and diversify the educator pipeline.

High-Impact Tutoring is Well-Suited for Academic Recovery

  • High-impact tutoring is an allowable expense under ESSER.
  • When embedded in schools, high-impact tutoring can reach and is successful with those students most in need.
  • The close tutor-student relationship can improve students’ engagement in school and their overall wellbeing.

Resources supporting the evidence of high-impact tutoring:

This guide is designed to support you in your role as a policy and practice leader to advocate for high-impact tutoring in your local district including: