Identify a Focus Area for Tutoring and Outline a Responsive Tutoring Program

While high-impact tutoring is highly effective and well-suited for academic recovery, it is most effective if it is integrated into district priorities and existing efforts rather than an optional add-on. Stepping back to understand the needs of your district’s students and what academic supports are already in place gives a broader understanding of whether and for which student groups high-impact tutoring may be needed. It is preferable and most impactful to have tutoring occur in-person, with the tutor working directly with students.  However, in extenuating circumstances, virtual tutoring can provide the support needed effectively.

Action Steps

Please note that each of these action steps are most effective when done in collaboration with key stakeholders. 

  • Understand which students and in which content areas would most benefit from high-impact tutoring. Review and follow specific guidance for Identifying a Focus Area for tutoring in your local school or district. 
  • Review and follow guidance for Aligning with District Priorities and Existing Efforts.
  • Understand your state’s tutoring efforts by starting with this State Tutoring Efforts and Legislation Database
  • Understand the efforts of other local districts around tutoring as you build the case. Reach out to union leaders in other districts and examine local tutoring efforts using COVID relief funding in this Education Department database. Find out about tutoring efforts using ARPA funding through emailing the NEA ARP information line. Review these specific examples of district tutoring programs from across the country.
  • As you review other tutoring efforts, note examples of quality programs to replicate as well as lessons learned to consider as you build your own program.
  • Based on your research, identify a focus area for high-impact tutoring that will best meet the needs of your students (e.g., early literacy, higher grades math, etc.) and develop an early outline of the proposed tutoring program. 
  • If the tutoring program is going to be outsourced to a vendor, ensure that the school district’s contracting out process is transparent and aligns with NEA safeguards against privatization.