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10/15/2022. Article
With reading and math scores plummeting during the pandemic, educators and parents are now turning their attention to how kids can catch up. In the following Q&A, Susanna Loeb, an education economist at Brown University, shines a light on the best ways to use tutoring to help students get back on track.

10/08/2022. Article
In-school tutoring is not a silver bullet. But it may help students and schools reduce some pandemic-related slides in achievement.

10/03/2022. Article
Sonnemann said Australia should look to the US in expanding research in tutoring, pointing to Brown University using targeted studies with government districts to examine the roll-out of small-group tuition programs and how well they help students catch up. She said given the size of NSW’s COVID-19 tutoring initiative, it was vital parents and schools know how well it was working and governments should consider rolling out long-term, systematic catch-up tuition.

10/03/2022. General
High-Impact tutoring – one-to-one or small group instruction in which a human tutor supports students in an academic subject area – has emerged as the primary strategy for addressing Covid19-induced learning interruptions. As tutoring expands nationally, what can we learn from existing research to inform effective planning and implementation?

09/26/2022. Article
The Education Week Spotlight on Tutoring is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on the advantages of tutoring as an academic recovery tool, how districts can expand access to tutoring, long-term investments in tutoring, initiatives that provide support to tutoring programs, tutoring strategies that combat learning loss, and more.

09/16/2022. Article
Pearl's data, research and analysis partners include the Annenberg Institute at Brown University  with a mission to equalize and improve educational opportunities through actionable knowledge, human development and broad engagement and its National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA). Both organizations consulted with ISU and ITI in the planning and development, and establishing success metrics for the statewide tutoring program.

09/07/2022. Article
Research shows that high-impact tutoring can produce learning gains for a variety of students, but which tutoring designs are most effective from a cost and academic perspective? Three school districts across the country will begin data-driven experiments to answer that question and more as part of a research project led by Littera Education. The project, which is funded by a Gates Foundation grant, will use the Littera Tutoring Management System (TMS) in conjunction with assessment and curriculum from Renaissance.

08/16/2022. Article
Evidence suggests that, over time, tutoring in small groups is beneficial, regardless of whether children are in a rural, suburban, or urban environment. In fact, research published in 2021 by Brown University's Annenberg Institute for School Reform showed that consistent tutoring sessions can accelerate learning by two to 10 months.

08/15/2022. Organization
We provide an individualized approach catered to each student’s academic needs, learning style, and personality. Our flexible tutoring approach maximizes students’ results and improves confidence.

08/15/2022. Organization
We establish a tutoring program in each school district led by high school students that match high school student tutors to middle school and elementary school tutees.

08/15/2022. Organization
Trains tutors in subsidized platforms, recruits tutors, provides Implementation Workshop Series, provides HIT Summer Institute, provides LEA training, coaching, and The ESC Region 13 High Impact Tutoring Program provides COVID-19 learning recovery solutions that support acceleration. We aim to be your first call for high-quality resources, tools, training, and implementation support.

08/15/2022. Organization
MTT offers high-impact, research based, one-on-one tutoring both in person and virtually. In addition to working with individual families, MTT's certified teacher-tutors have a proven success record of working with small groups of students in both public and charter schools (K-12) in the Baltimore and DC areas in order to increase academic performance and engagement in ELA and Mathematics.  

08/15/2022. Organization

08/15/2022. Organization
1-to-1 Tutoring: We tailor our lessons to the educational needs of the unique students we teach. We teach academic subjects, practical skills, and self-confidence to ensure each child who studies with us will learn as much as possible. Tutorials are geared to students’ current academic abilities and encourage growth towards the academic standards expected of top universities around the world.

08/15/2022. Organization
Access’ Self-Directed Learners' Tutoring Program is a 40-session, metacognitive learning development program that develops learning competence among each student in 40 sessions. Our goal is to help students develop fluency in literacy-based applications and in foundational self-directed study skills that aid learning. Another intent is to strengthen students' skills in self-directed learning strategies as well as to facilitate their ability to construct meaning from informational text.

08/15/2022. Organization
Schwartz Tutoring provides premier personalized education to both undergraduate and K-12 students. We primarily hire undergraduate students to work with their peers and younger students.

08/15/2022. Organization
TutorKit is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to assemble, administer, and assess your 1:1 and small group tutoring programs. Students can quickly find and join interactive live video tutoring support, including targeted warm-up resources to help them catch up and get ahead. TutorKit captures relevant program data, including feedback from tutors and students, helping you measure the impact on student success. And with TutorKit’s built-in calendar sync, you can automate tedious tasks like scheduling and session reminders.

08/08/2022. Article
Teach For America, the organization I lead, launched a tutoring initiative in fall 2020 following research that shows that high-dose, high-quality tutoring is one of the most effective ways to combat learning loss. One study that looked at the impact of having a well-trained tutor meet three times a week with a group of up to four students found it came close to providing the equivalent of nearly five months of learning. A 2021 meta-analysis from researchers at Brown University concluded tutoring has a more significant effect on student achievement than smaller class sizes, vacation or summer classes and longer school days or years.

07/29/2022. General
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, tutoring has increasingly become a popular tool for learning recovery. By the end of the 2021-22 school year, 23 states (including the District of Columbia) initiated or passed legislation mandating or encouraging tutoring initiatives, and federal pandemic relief funds were made available for school districts to spend directly on tutoring programs. This is all for good reason: over 100 randomized controlled trials show that high-impact tutoring is one of the most effective ways to accelerate student learning.

07/08/2022. Article
“Our team at the National Student Support Accelerator is thrilled to contribute to this national effort to provide students with the learning experiences that they need to engage in school and to thrive. This effort to expand high-impact tutoring really is the best opportunity we have to meaningfully improve outcomes for students across the nation,” added Susanna Loeb, Director of the National Student Support Accelerator.

07/05/2022. Legislation
Increases substitute teacher recruitment efforts, expands Ohio’s EdChoice program which provides families with vouchers to pay for private school tuition and requires tutoring programs in public and chartered non-public schools. Tutors will be required to be a retired teacher, substitute teacher, or an individual that meets the eligibility standards set by the superintendent. The Ohio Department of Education will be responsible for administrative, implementation, training costs, and technical assistance to the Educational Service Centers in coordinating tutors to programs/ schools.

07/05/2022. Legislation
Includes a plan to set aside $75 million which would fund the Close the Gap program. The Close the Gap program provides $1500 to Missouri families to fund educational expenses. The $1500 grant funds can be used to gain access to tutoring, extended school day educational programs, and tuition for learning centers. The bill was revived after its former bill, 3014, was struck down due to the lack of detail on how the program would be implemented. The bill has been approved by Missouri’s governor and delivered to the Secretary of State.

07/05/2022. Legislation
Provides $60M in state and federal funding to expand access to summer learning programs and recreational activities. Out of the $60M, $2M will be used to fund early literacy tutoring grants for summer 2022 and for the 2022-2023 school year.

06/29/2022. Article
The other approach pairs students with one tutor for multiple virtual sessions each week. It’s similar to the kind of “high-dosage” help that’s been shown to deliver strong results in person.  The small handful of studies that have looked at virtual tutoring during the pandemic saw promising results from this variety. But offerings vary, so it’s tough to say how many students are getting that kind, said Matthew Kraft, an associate professor of education at Brown University who’s studying tutoring initiatives.

06/28/2022. Organization
Educational Justice brings together middle school students (in grades 5 through 8) with high school students each week in a secure online/in-person setting where they navigate a fun and engaging weekly curriculum to develop the critical skills students need to thrive in school and life. As middle school students grow social and emotional skills and gain inspiration from positive role models, high school students get hands-on opportunities to develop and practice leadership and professional skills.

06/28/2022. Organization
Language for Literacy is a program designed to deliver evidence-based literacy and language intervention through the lens of speech-language pathology and the science of reading. Tutoring is differentiated and tailored to specific student needs and assessment results. Tutoring and curriculum development is implemented by a certified Orton-Gillingham tutor, licensed RAVE-O provider, and American Speech-Language and Hearing Association member.

06/28/2022. Organization
Braintrust partners with families, schools and school districts to deliver high-quality private tutoring support from certified teachers and learning specialists. With customized matching to expert educators, high-impact tutoring aligned with school curricula, and consistent assessments to monitor progress and track gains, Braintrust drives improved outcomes for students, enhanced coordination and support for classroom teachers, and complete transparency for parents and schools.

06/28/2022. Organization
Superintendents face three critical challenges:  1) Improving the performance of underperforming students  2) Mitigating the effects of poverty on student learning  3) A growing teacher shortage crisis  Thinkist provides scalable district-wide peer tutoring programs that work.  Our peer-to-peer online tutoring platform leverages the greatest untapped resource in education – students – and gives them the tools they need to help themselves thrive.