Overdeck Family Foundation Awarded 1 Million Ecosystem Grant to NSSA

OverDeck Family Foundation

In Q1 2023, our foundation awarded 31 grants totaling over $15.4 million dollars. Of these, 10 grants were new, 15 were renewals, and six were disbursements for ongoing pledges.

Our first quarter grantmaking focuses on identifying and fueling the scale of cost-effective programs and solutions that accelerate improvement in key academic and socioemotional outcomes for all children. As always, we place an emphasis on grantmaking and strategic support that unlock innovation, evidence, and growth for our grantees.

Below, we highlight just some of the direct impact and ecosystem organizations we’re proud to support as we begin our 2023 grantmaking cycle. For highlights from last year, explore our 2022 Grantmaking & Impact Report.


Unlocking Evidence: RESEARCH and FIELD BUILDING

Ecosystem grants are designed to clear the path to scale for our direct impact grantees and strategies.

A two-year grant of $1,000,000 to the National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA), a program devoted to translating research on how tutoring can benefit students into action. This grant will strengthen the high-impact tutoring ecosystem by supporting NSSA in disseminating research on what makes tutoring programs effective to state and local education agencies, ensuring that evidence-based tutoring reaches the students who need it most.


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