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07/03/2024. Article
The IRC in Denver's Youth Education team is excited to announce the completion of their pilot program of Tutoring Together! The teams' interest in this particular program - with the goal to support client teens with their school work, English language acquisition, and adjustment to school expectations in the USA - was partly born out of feedback from a IRC in Denver Client Voice focus group, in which teens strongly advocated for their need of more personalized English language training.

07/03/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Teach For America Ignite strategically aligns high-impact tutoring to your schools’ goals to accelerate what you are working on with students. Ignite offers virtual, small-group, high dosage instruction focused on elementary literacy, middle school math, or post-secondary access.

06/27/2024. General
Research consistently shows that tutoring helps students learn, with numerous studies confirming its strong benefits. Driven by this evidence, policymakers and educational leaders nationwide are investing in tutoring initiatives. However “tutoring” can mean various types of educational support, and tutoring programs can differ significantly in their characteristics and effectiveness.

06/24/2024. Article
Loeb & Safran: From Title I and Americorps to apprenticeships and renegotiated contracts with vendors, ways to find replacement funds and economize. strong>Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Districts across the nation use Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to target appropriate interventions for students with learning, social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. Many districts could improve these offerings by using a high-impact tutoring approach, making sure their interventions build relationships between students and educators that motivate, engage and target students’ growth areas using data and high-quality instructional materials. Schools can integrate high-impact tutoring with the funds already being used for MTSS by reallocating resources to more effective approaches.

06/18/2024. Event
What led to the rapid spread and adoption of tutoring as a solution? What will it take to bring tutoring to the scale? And what can the science of advocacy teach us about how other policy ideas might follow a similar path? In this AdvocacyLabs webinar, FutureEd Policy Director Liz Cohen will moderate a discussion with panelists including Stanford University Professor Susanna Loeb, JerseyCAN Executive Director Paula White, and 50CAN CEO Marc Porter Magee.

06/17/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Mathnasium math tutors encourage children to develop mental math abilities, number sense, and problem-solving skills. Mathnasium uses modern techniques and fun methods to help children fall in love with math instead of getting bored or terrified by lessons. We tailor our instruction to your child's learning style and needs.

06/17/2024. Organization
Filo offers schools and students the ability to schedule tutoring sessions in small groups. This allows students to work with a consistent tutor for an extended period of time. Filo works with the district to ensure that the curriculum being presented to students is closely aligned with classroom instruction and state standards. Filo serves a variety of school levels, kindergarten through 12th grade (elementary, middle & high school) and focuses on providing core subject areas (Math, ELA, Reading, Writing, SAT/ACT prep etc. ) tutoring for each of these school types.

06/17/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ TutorSmart collaborates with schools, school districts, community organizations, and after school organizations to provide intentional out-of-school-time, academic intervention with data-driven metrics for K-8 students throughout Greater Toledo. Currently, TutorSmart supports academic tutoring across the Greater Toledo area, serving nearly 500 students per year at various schools and online.

06/17/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Our team of expert teen coaches and certified teacher/tutors provides personalized academic support and guidance to help students excel in their coursework and achieve their academic goals. We offer a range of services, including subject-specific tutoring, study skills coaching, academic planning, and emotional support. Our proven approach has helped countless students improve their grades, build confidence, and achieve success.

06/17/2024. Organization
One on One Learning offers a comprehensive suite of educational services designed to elevate student achievement and school performance through personalized, high-dosage tutoring and holistic educational strategies. Our program includes: Program Design and Implementation: Tailored educational solutions to meet each district's unique needs, enhancing academic performance and fostering holistic student development. High-Dosage Tutoring: Intensive, personalized sessions that address specific academic challenges, boosting student performance and fostering long-term success.

06/17/2024. Organization
The Lucy Project offers several programs designed to improve literacy among disadvantaged children.

06/17/2024. Organization
With volunteer, background-checked, high-school or above tutors, EmpowerEd is able to provide free tutoring to low-income students virtually through LearnToBe. EmpowerEd recruits tutors to match the ample supply of students in need of assistance ranging from the general homework help to specific, course-focused skills.

06/14/2024. Article
Mays pointed to the move to focus federal pandemic relief money on tutoring programs whose design showed evidence of effectiveness, such as individual or very small groups, and using an aligned curriculum in sessions at least three times a week. This model differed from tutoring provided under the No Child Left Behind Act’s supplemental education services, which were repeatedly found to have no benefit for student achievement—in part because programs varied significantly from district to district.

06/13/2024. Article
As excitement grows around tutoring as a strategy to combat learning loss, advocates have rightly been encouraged by the growing body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of tutoring interventions. To date, however, little research has examined the impact of fully virtual tutoring on very young students. Hardly a technicality, this distinction matters because younger children are less likely to have the technical and self-regulation skills upon which virtual learning depends. Now, a new study by researchers from Stanford, Vanderbilt, and UnboundED analyzes the benefits of virtual tutoring specifically for early elementary students.

06/05/2024. Article
Less than a third of Colorado eighth-graders score proficiently in math. So, Colorado has invested heavily in high-impact tutoring programs — $20 million allocated in federal and state dollars since the pandemic. Colorado was also one of five states to get a $1 million grant from Accelerate, a nonprofit that aims to make 

06/05/2024. Article
Cignition, a K-12 virtual tutoring provider, today announced the formation of a new advisory board. Comprised of eight experts from school districts and universities across the country, the strategic focus of the Cignition MTSS Advisory Board will be to provide insight into the role of high-impact tutoring (HIT) in the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework and how that integration might significantly boost academic progress.

06/04/2024. Article
Tutoring is a win-win job for college and K-12 students, but the question remains how best to connect college students who need these jobs with the paid tutoring positions available. In a recent working paper with colleagues, we report on a randomized controlled trial that tested whether highlighting the different benefits of a tutoring job can drive changes in tutor applications and employment. We partnered with Grand Valley State University (GVSU) to recruit paid tutors for a campus initiative started in 2020 to support Michigan K-12 students. Tutoring at GVSU was not only a paid position—it was a highly paid position on campus. Tutors could earn up to $17.70 per hour, the highest rate in the GVSU student hourly wage range and well above the state minimum wage at the time of the study ($10.10).

06/03/2024. Article
Decades of research have shown that high-impact tutoring is the most effective support to transform outcomes for struggling students. High-impact tutoring offers students access to a trained adult who has content knowledge, pedagogical training, and provides one-on-one or small group sessions. Over time, the tutor develops a relationship with the student, builds their confidence, and adapts the learning dynamic to the student’s needs in real-time. The best tutoring pairs consistent intervention with point-in-time assessments that monitor progress and inform instruction to catalyze growth. School and district leaders are often under the impression that there are limited financial resources to bring such individualized support to students. Fortunately, there is an array of funding resources at the district and school level to create and sustain high-impact tutoring programs for the students who need the support the most.

05/31/2024. Article
Regardless of the potential hiccups along the way, data has shown that colleges and universities are beginning to tap more into Federal Work-Study funds to hire tutors, said Nancy Waymack, director of research partnerships and policy at Stanford University’s National Student Support Accelerator, a nonprofit research organization that promotes high-impact tutoring in schools.   For Waymack, it’s refreshing to see students earn pay for tutoring considering the role has historically been viewed as a volunteering opportunity. “Using Work-Study, using AmeriCorps funds, other federal resources or resources that come from other places to pay tutors just opens up the field a lot more for many different students who otherwise might have been doing another job on campus,” Waymack said. “And they wouldn’t have that opportunity to be in a school, work with kids, and see educators who are teaching every day that they might want to emulate somewhere down the road.”

05/23/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Families looking for individualized attention to help their learner excel often face multiple hoops to jump through and limited choices that don't match their needs. Outschool is one of the most trusted names in education because we put families in control of their tutoring journey, offering them a flexible way to find and book an experienced tutor within their budget and schedule.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ is an online test prep for students of gifted education and testing along with skill building, founded in 2010. Testing Mom membership services include expert advice, tele-seminars, and practice questions.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ The early sessions with students involve intense questioning, gentle pushing, and interpersonal connecting. You and your college admissions coach will engage in a lot of back-and-forth well before you get anything down on paper. You’ll learn how to be more honest with yourself than you thought possible, and you’ll eventually latch on to a genuinely original idea.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Don Bosco Academy tutoring center provides comprehensive, in-person tutoring services across all subjects and at all levels, from kindergarten through high school. Our programs are customized to meet each student's academic and personal needs, which makes our tutoring services ideal for almost every student.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ Private tutoring and study-skills coaching for U.S. and international students.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Our core services include offering comprehensive high impact tutoring which includes building, training, monitoring and being held accountable for a team of tutors for your school as well as providing high impact tutoring directly both virtually and in-person.

05/16/2024. Organization
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Tutors for Nebraska SMART are teacher education candidates currently attending Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State Colleges. Tutors provide free 1:1 online tutoring to K-12 students in rural Nebraska. Visit our website for a complete listing of eligible school districts.

05/16/2024. Article
Funding is the biggest barrier to tutoring in schools, says Alvin Makori, a doctoral student at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. Makori co-authored a research paper about the challenges to schools offering tutor services at scale. The paper — based on surveys of teachers at charter and public schools in California — also noted concerns about tutor quality and trouble finding the space and time to work tutoring into the school day as problem areas for the schools it inspected. (The study did not look at virtual high-dose tutoring, of the kind provided by some of the organizations discussed here.)