About Tutor Training Toolkit

This Tutor Training Toolkit provides tutor program leaders with training development guidance, profiles of specific tutor trainings, and a searchable database of open-access tutor training materials intended to support tutor program leaders in developing their own tutor training and ongoing support. Training materials were sourced through established tutoring programs, including tutoring companies, universities, and school district-designed programs. This toolkit includes:

  • Rationale and Usage Guide: This section outlines the rationale for tutor training and recommends the best ways to use this Tutor Training Toolkit.
  • Training Development Guidance: This section outlines critical guidance for practitioners to consider when designing tutor training. It covers best practices in the design and delivery of training to tutors and the most critical knowledge, skills, and mindsets of effective tutors to inform the content of tutor training. This guidance can be used to design and improve the effectiveness of your tutor training. 
  • Tutor Training Profiles: This section outlines the tutor training design for 10 tutoring programs, including a sampling of tutor training developed by districts, higher education institutions, and tutoring organizations. Each profile includes an outline of the tutoring program’s design and its alignment with the components of high-impact tutoring and link(s) to the majority of the training for each source, along with a summary of the format, topics, and a list of recommendations for using these trainings. 
  • Tutor Training Library: The library is a searchable database of more than 100 different sessions aligned to each of the topic areas identified in the training content recommendations section. The database is searchable in the following ways: 
    • Primary Audience
    • Topic
    • Element (Cohesion, Data Use, Equity, Instruction, Learning Integration, Tutor, Safety)
    • Length
    • Developer (practitioner or researcher)
    • Tutoring Training Provider (name and characteristics of their tutoring program)

This Tutor Training Library will be updated periodically to remain current. If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions please submit them here.

If you would like to add your training materials to the Tutor Training Library, please complete this submission form.

If you would like to change, delete, or update an existing training in the Tutor Training Library, please complete this form.

The National Student Support Accelerator thanks the following for contributing to this Tutor Training Library: 

  • Alexander Laywell and Sara Rowbottom, IRC
  • Danielle Thomas and Shiv Gupta, PLUS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Deidra Bailey and Susannah Tsien, City Tutor DC
  • Emily Van Houten, City University of New York (CUNY), Reading Ready 
  • Grace Bailey, Metro Nashville Public Schools
  • Hannah Broido, Axiom Learning 
  • Kristin Farley, Wittenberg University 
  • Maryellen Leneghan, Saga Coach
  • Mike Cohen, Cignition 
  • Renee C. Scott, Stanford University 
  • Robin Masters, TN All Corps
  • Tracey Weinstein, Deans for Impact
  • Wendy Miller, K-12 Connect, Grand Valley State University 

Thank you for the following individuals who gave input on the structure and format of the Tutor Training Library and Toolkit:

  • Alanna Phelan, Amplify 
  • Brittany Miller, Southern Education Foundation
  • Christy Borders and Dalton Byers, Illinois State University 
  • Erik Jacobson, Indiana University 
  • Joshua Corria, Brown University 
  • Kate Cochran, NPSS 
  • Katie Tennessen Hooten and Sheela Prasad, Teach for America
  • Korbi Adams, Arizona State University  
  • Sam Oliveri, StepUp Tutoring 
  • Todd Fishburn, BluePrint Schools
  • Tricia Zucker, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas