Tutor Program Manager

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The Tutor Program Manager section of this Resource Library contains modules on Tutor Program Design, Grade Level Support, Professional Learning, Instructional Strategies, Culturally Sustaining Teaching, and More Resources. 

The tutor program manager role is inclusive of all roles within a tutoring organization that are responsible for providing training and ongoing professional learning to individuals that serve as tutors. Within this section, tutor program managers will find resources to incorporate in tutor initial training, developmental coaching and formal observations. 

Effective tutor program managers focus on cultivating both technical competence and relationship-building skills to create conditions for effective math tutoring that lead to positive student learning outcomes. 

The Tutor Program Design module provides guidance for understanding the elements of effective tutoring and designing an effective, high-impact tutoring program.

The Grade Level Support module includes two grade bands - elementary (PK - 5) and middle (6 - 8). Each grade band contains math teaching and learning materials for tutor program managers. 

The Professional Learning module provides guidance for tutor program managers to develop and implement initial tutor training, ongoing professional learning and effective feedback and evaluation systems.

The Instructional Strategies module provides guidance on differentiated instruction, effective tutoring and more for tutor program managers to support tutors to become high-impact tutors.

The Culturally Sustaining Teaching module includes resources that support tutoring program managers to integrate culturally sustaining teaching methods into their math tutoring program. 

The More Resources module includes sources for understanding student math performance in the US, examples of math tutoring programs, and books and articles to provide further context and support for tutor program managers.

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