SECTION 2: Program Implementation

With a clear program focus, understanding of program readiness and the value you provide, initial model dimension decisions, cost estimate, and funding, you can begin implementation. Each of the seven elements of high-impact tutoring has specific implementation guidance and tools. The Tool Appendix of the Tutoring Toolkit gives the full range of tools associated with tutoring programs broadly. This OST Playbook provides resources specific to needs shared by OST program leaders that have developed and/or are developing tutoring programs currently.

Because the order in which a particular program will need implementation guidance and tools will vary based on its program focus, local community, and the resources already in place, you can use this Playbook in any order that supports the implementation of your specific program

For those seeking to improve an existing program, use the Tutoring Quality Improvement System (TQIS) self-assessment to understand where your program can more closely align to High-Impact Tutoring Standards and follow the guidance provided with your self-assessment report. For specific areas of improvement, review the relevant sections of the Tutoring Toolkit and this OST Playbook.

The Program Implementation section of this Playbook is divided into the following subsections to align with the HIgh-Impact Tutoring Standards: