NSSA 2023 Conference - High-Impact Tutoring: From Research to Sustainability

NSSA 2023 Conference

Join this invitation-only gathering of researchers, district, state, and higher education leaders, tutoring providers, and funders to:

  • Learn about implications of recent research findings and innovative and sustainable practices in tutoring;
  • Explore successful state and district strategies for scaling and sustainability; and
  • Make connections with education leaders in the field.

Fit Learning

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Since 1998, Fit Learning has been researching and developing a unique system of instruction that is based on a combination of behavior and neuroscience. Direct service providers are called learning coaches who must go through intensive training and reach rigorous performance standards to become certified in the model.

A Virtual Tutoring Program Boosted Early Literacy Skills. New Research Shows How

Intensive, high-dose tutoring can boost early reading skills, even in a virtual format, according to a new experimental study.

Researchers from the National Student Support Accelerator at Stanford University tracked the reading progress of about 2,000 K-2 students in a dozen Texas charter schools. Half of the students were randomly assigned to attend class normally, while half received intensive remote tutoring for part of the school day, in small groups, through the nonprofit group OnYourMark, which serves K-2 students in seven states.


A Snapshot of State Tutoring Policies

As schools, districts, and states work to address the student needs following the pandemic, many turned to high-impact tutoring, a research-based approach to providing individualized instruction to students. In fact, thirty-seven percent of public schools reported providing “high-dosage” tutoring on a federal school pulse panel survey in December 2022. In addition, many states have implemented or are exploring policies to increase access to high-impact tutoring. This brief explores the tutoring policy landscape at the state level as of November 2023.

New Jersey Tutoring Corps, Inc.

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ The New Jersey Tutoring Corps provides tutoring services in math and literacy to scholars in grades PreK-8 throughout the state of New Jersey. We offer three cycles of tutoring: embedded school-day, after school, and summer, with all cycles face-to-face. Our partners are schools, districts, and community-based organizations.

Future of Reading

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ We provide a tutoring program for grades K-3, using recorded reading lessons that engage the learner in the workbook following the directions of the teacher to follow the presentation. There are 350+ video lessons organized in an LMS (Learning Management System). An onsite reading coach or tutor/mentor then reviews the workbook for completion and checks the student's understanding confidence in reading the exercises in the lesson.

Kate's Tutoring

1-on-1 academic tutoring that fosters a love of learning in your elementary through college student. Grades and study skills follow. We believe in personalized attention, meaningful connections, and transformative learning experiences.

Catch Up & Read

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Catch Up & Read (CAR) focuses on equipping certified teachers with evidence-based literacy practices that give children from underserved communities the reading foundations they need to succeed in school and life.

Freshman Mentoring Program

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ FMP or Freshman Mentoring Program helps freshman adapt and feel more comfortable with the high school experience. Mentoring consists of helping with note-taking and studying strategies. Our tutors work with freshmen directly and as a group to guide them with whatever they need. Not only will the tutors provide guidance, but they help with academics as well.