NSSA 2023 Conference - High-Impact Tutoring: From Research to Sustainability

NSSA 2023 Conference

Join this invitation-only gathering of researchers, district, state, and higher education leaders, tutoring providers, and funders to:

  • Learn about implications of recent research findings and innovative and sustainable practices in tutoring;
  • Explore successful state and district strategies for scaling and sustainability; and
  • Make connections with education leaders in the field.

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ is an online test prep for students of gifted education and testing along with skill building, founded in 2010. Testing Mom membership services include expert advice, tele-seminars, and practice questions.

Real College Essays

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ The early sessions with students involve intense questioning, gentle pushing, and interpersonal connecting. You and your college admissions coach will engage in a lot of back-and-forth well before you get anything down on paper. You’ll learn how to be more honest with yourself than you thought possible, and you’ll eventually latch on to a genuinely original idea.

Don Bosco Academy

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Don Bosco Academy tutoring center provides comprehensive, in-person tutoring services across all subjects and at all levels, from kindergarten through high school. Our programs are customized to meet each student's academic and personal needs, which makes our tutoring services ideal for almost every student.

Nebraska SMART (Success Made Accessible through Rural Tutoring)

Tutors for Nebraska SMART are teacher education candidates currently attending Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State Colleges. Tutors provide free 1:1 online tutoring to K-12 students in rural Nebraska. Visit our website for a complete listing of eligible school districts.

Effects of High-Impact Tutoring on Early Literacy Outcomes: A Pilot Study of a 1:1 Program With Existing Staff

During the 2022-23 school year, Try Once, Inc. (“Once”) partnered with a large, urban school district on the East Coast to provide high-impact early literacy tutoring to 105 kindergarten and first grade students in 13 schools. The district identified students as eligible for tutoring services if they scored below grade-level benchmarks in their early literacy skills. The Stanford research team randomly assigned eligible students into a tutoring program group (n=105) and a comparison group (n=199). Students in the program group were supposed to receive tutoring for 15 minutes every day during the school day between November 2022 and June 2023, one-on-one from a non-teaching staff member at their school. This report describes the research study design, the characteristics of students who participated in the study, tutoring participation rates, and the effect of receiving tutoring on end-of-year early literacy skills, both overall and within various subgroups.


itutorexpress is an online tutoring service for your child mainly between 4th-12th grade! We go beyond traditional tutoring methods to help ignite your child's interest in learning, not just for 1 school year, but for a lifetime! itutorexpress learns about your child and develops a plan for his or her success. 

A Little Help Education

A Little Help offers private online tutoring sessions with compassionate tutors who have years of subject expertise. A Little Help Education works closely with students to develop customized study plans, subject notes and practice questions, empowering students to reach academic goals with confidence.