Reading Rescue

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 Reading Rescue is an early literacy intervention used in public schools across New York City. The partner organization supports staff members in using research-based strategies to accelerate reading and writing growth for a school’s most struggling students.

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Program Focus Early Literacy
Intervention Delivered by Any member of a school’s staff (paraprofessionals, teachers, coaches, librarians, and in some cases partner staff) can receive professional development to deliver the research-based instruction that helps accelerate struggling readers’ literacy skills.
Instruction In person or virtual; one-on-one or in small groups of 3 students; 30 minutes daily, 5 days a week; strong phonics-based materials developed by The Benedict Silverman Foundation.
Learning Integration Materials are used by members of a school’s staff within the school day. They can also be used in out-of-school settings (such as an afterschool program).
Data Use Students take DIBELS Next as a screener to help place them appropriately in the Reading Rescue sequence. Staff also consider students’ current reading levels and observations of their reading and their performance on specific instructional activities, compared with the Reading Rescue developmental sequence, both to place students initially and to assess their ongoing mastery of skills.