About the PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library

Personalized approaches to math learning, such as high-impact tutoring, provide significant benefits for students and accelerate student math learning (Nickow, et. al., 2020). The PK - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library provides instructional strategies, culturally sustaining teaching, professional learning, and feedback and evaluation tools for tutors, teachers, tutor program managers and parents (caregivers) working in PK - 8 math tutoring programs. 

The content and design of this Resource Library draws on insights from interviews with tutoring program directors, teachers, math directors, STEM directors and other math leaders, as well as from a literature review of peer-reviewed journal articles on math teaching, tutoring, and equitable teaching practices. 

The goal of this guide is to provide resources to help tutoring programs provide effective math tutoring for students in need.

Getting the Most from this Resource Library


The National Student Support Accelerator designed this Resource Library to support math tutoring across different learning contexts from a culturally sustaining, student-centered lens. It includes seven content modules, curated for four specific user groups as outlined below. 

Content modules include guidance and materials for:

  • Grade Level Support - support by grade level, divided into PK - 5th grade and 6th - 8th grade resources
  • Professional Learning - role specific support and professional development, including initial tutoring training
  • Instructional Strategies - support for effective math tutoring including assessment, differentiation, goal setting, and more
  • Culturally Sustaining Teaching - support for incorporating culturally sustaining teaching strategies into math tutoring
  • Tutor Program Design - support for understanding the elements of effective tutoring and designing an effective, high-impact tutoring program
  • Math Learning Support at Home - support for parents and caregivers to facilitate their child’s learning at home
  • More Resources - support for understanding student math performance, example math tutoring programs, and books and articles to provide further context

User Groups include: Tutor, Teacher as Tutor, Tutor Program Manager and Parent (Caregiver).

To quickly find resources based on your needs, use the search bar or review the Resource Library Appendix.

The tools, resources, webinars, articles, applications, and technology curated in this K - 8 Math Tutoring Resource Library are open-source tools for public use, vetted and field-tested by teachers, tutors, and tutoring program managers. The supplemental materials selected are either research-backed or from formal education organizations and entities, and align with the National Student Support Accelerator’s High Impact Tutoring Framework.