Is High-Impact Tutoring a good fit for your OST program?

Should your OST Program Provide High-Impact Tutoring?

The purpose of this resource is to help organizations determine whether to include high-impact tutoring as a part of their OST programming. This guidance is based on feedback from OST providers providing high-impact tutoring as part of their academic programming in their local communities. 

  OST Academic Programming
Primary Purpose Academic Enrichment Academic Support Academic Growth
Program Type Part of Multipurpose and Academic Programs Part of Multipurpose Programs Part of Academic Programs
Examples Field Trips, STEM, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning Homework Help High-Impact Tutoring
Characteristics Students work with an instructor with specific content expertise. Instructors develop fundamental skills in a particular area. Students work independently and must request support, group size often depends on how many students opt-in on a given day, supervisor may be different each day as long as they can answer student questions. Group size of three students or less working with a consistent and trained tutor multiple times per week, using student data to inform instruction.
Goal Provide students with new experiences, opportunities, and skill development in the content area of focus. Complete homework assigned during school. Accelerate learning in a specific content area (usually math or literacy).
Implementation Complexity Depends on Program Lower Higher

Overview: What does it mean to offer high-impact tutoring in your OST program?

Most out-of-school time providers offer a variety of academic supports to enrich and expand student learning opportunities outside of the school day. High-impact tutoring is  one type of academic support that OST providers may choose to offer that aims to achieve a specific goal and has specific characteristics as outlined below:

What is High-Impact Tutoring? 
Tutoring is a form of teaching, one-on-one or in a small group, towards a specific goal. High-impact tutoring leads to substantial learning gains for students by supplementing (but not replacing) students’ classroom experiences. High-impact tutoring responds to individual needs and complements students’ existing curriculum. 

The key elements of high-impact tutoring are: 

  • Tutor: Students work with a consistent tutor who is supported by ongoing oversight and coaching.
  • Instruction: Tutoring sessions include a minimum of three sessions per week in small groups. Materials are high quality and aligned with state standards.
  • Learning Integration: High-impact tutoring is embedded in schools either during the school day or immediately before or after the school day. 
  • Data Use: Student data informs tutoring sessions to ensure student academic needs are met. 
  • Equity, Safety, Cohesion: High-Impact tutoring programs are grounded in equity, ensure safety of students and program elements and leadership work together creating a cohesive well-run program.

Should you offer high-impact tutoring in your OST programming?

Use the following flowchart to assess whether your OST programming should offer high-impact tutoring: 

Should you offer high-impact tutoring in your OST programming?