Cost and Funding Considerations

Critical Questions

  • What costs are associated with our program design?
  • What funding sources are available for this program?
  • How might OST providers leverage existing funding and grants to fund high-impact tutoring?

Implementation Checklist

  • Based on the size, scope, and model dimensions of the program, estimate the total cost to run the tutoring program.
  • Determine what funds are currently available to support the program, and where there might be opportunities to secure additional funding.
  • Consider how to advocate for funding needs through new and/or deepened partnerships.

Implementation Tools

Key Insights

Consider multiple funding sources for covering the operating costs not covered through existing funds.

  • Consider applying for both public service and research grants.
  • Partner with local philanthropic organizations to seek additional funding opportunities.
  • Consider recruiting Higher Education Institution (HEI) students eligible for work-study opportunities from the local community to serve as tutors.