Out-of-School Time Academic Program Continuum

This continuum is illustrative only and not meant to represent all types of academic programs offered by OST providers.

  OST Academic Programming
Primary Purpose Academic Enrichment Academic Support Academic Growth
The Value of Out-of-School Time Programs Key Dimension Framework, Rand
(see Table 1)
Part of Multipurpose and Academic Programs Part of Multipurpose Programs Part of Academic Programs
Examples Field Trips, STEM, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning Homework Help High-Impact Tutoring
Characteristics Students work with an instructor with specific content expertise. Instructors develop fundamental skills in a particular area. Students work independently and must request support, group size often depends on how many students opt-in on a given day, supervisor may be different each day as long as they can answer student questions. Group size of three students or less working with a consistent and trained tutor multiple times per week, using student data to inform instruction.
Goal Provide students with new experiences, opportunities, and skill development in the content area of focus. Complete homework assigned during school. Accelerate learning in a specific content area (usually math or literacy).
Implementation Complexity Depends on Program Lower Higher