Welcome to our 2024 Annual National Student Support Accelerator Conference - High-Impact Tutoring: Supporting Students Now and for the Long Run!

Since NSSA began early in 2021, high-impact tutoring has spread across the country and globally. Schools and districts are providing more and more students with the intensive, relationship-based, personalized instruction that they need to thrive, beginning to address COVID-induced learning gaps, as well as long-term inequalities in opportunity.

We see examples of success across the nation. Kindergarten students are working one-on-one with tutors, trained to provide high-quality instruction and supported with data and strong instructional materials. Middle and high school students are learning the specific math content they need to understand in order to excel in their classwork. No one approach works best in all contexts. Across the country some districts are partnering with providers who specialize in high-impact tutoring, others are building their own programs, and others are adjusting schedules and staffing to blend high-impact tutoring into traditional courses. Some tutors are college students, some are community members, and some are experienced teachers. Opportunities, needs and choices vary, but students are benefiting from engaging and motivating relationships with educators and from high-quality, personalized instruction.

However, high-impact tutoring is not easy to implement and scale. We have so much to learn from each other about how to embed this highly effective approach into schools for the long run. Today we bring together district, state and higher education leaders, researchers, tutoring providers, and others to work together to increase and equalize access to high-impact tutoring for students. We will share innovative solutions to funding and operational challenges, hear about the latest research, and learn about pathways to quality and sustainability. We'll have opportunities to break into smaller groups to go deeper into these topics with others facing our similar challenges.

NSSA’s efforts would not be possible without the support of many partners. Thank you to our initial funding partners for believing in this work including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kenneth C. Griffin, Jamie Halper, Overdeck Family Foundation, Schusterman Family Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation. Thank you also to our research partners including Arnold Ventures, Overdeck Family Foundation, and Smith Richardson Foundation. A special thank you to Pete Lavorini, Paula Longoria, and the Overdeck Foundation for your thought-partnership and support of this conference, as well as to all of our event sponsors. We hope you learn, connect, and leave inspired to realize the potential of high-impact tutoring and more individualized learning opportunities for students across the country. Thanks for your help making today productive and fun.


Susanna Loeb and National Student Support Accelerator Team