Differentiation and ZPD

Primary Audience 1
Module/ Session Description

Differentiation is a powerful strategy for helping all students make progress. The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is where tutors want their students to be, balancing that fine line between challenging and not to the point of frustrating. In this module, tutors learn how to use these two strategies to help all students maximize their learning in tutorials. This session requires users to create an account to access the training module.


Link https://my.sagaeducation.org/coach/app?instance_id=1cc0cd74-6dcc-4d7d-81b3-7b30…
Primary Audience Tutors
Topic Instruction and Session Structure
Element Cohesion, Instruction
Length 1 - 30 minutes
Developer Practitioner
Tutoring Training Provider Saga Coach
States of Operation Illinois, New York, South Carolina, Washington DC
Tutor Type AmeriCorps Volunteers
Dosage 5 sessions per week
Subject Area / Focus Math
Grade Level 9th Grade, 10th Grade
Modality Blended, In-person, Virtual
Ratio 2:1 (Saga Traditional), 6:1 (Saga Online), 4:1 (Saga Blended)
Program Evidence Impact Randomized Controlled Trials