Adjusting Task Difficulty

Primary Audience 1
Module/ Session Description

This training builds tutors' skills in identifying ways to adjust the difficulty level of a lesson to tailor learning for each student and apply strategies to change the difficulty of a task during instruction. This session requires users to either continue with a Google account or log in with Clever to access the training module. If none of the above applies, users can access through the demo.

Primary Audience Tutors
Topic Content Area: Secondary Math
Element Instruction
Length 1 - 30 minutes
Developer Researcher
Tutoring Training Provider PLUS
States of Operation Nationwide
Tutor Type College Students
Dosage Varies, based on student’s needs and organizational capacity
Subject Area / Focus Math
Grade Level 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
Modality Blended, Virtual
Ratio 1:1 or 1:3, however tutors work with up to 8 students in a group. AI-adaptive software recommends when students should work independently, directly with the tutor individually (1:1), or in a small group.
Program Evidence Impact Quasi-Experimental Designs