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High impact tutoring is the most robust & dynamic program to accelerate the development of students and boost inclusive learning. Filo's high impact tutoring was launched with a mission to innovate & transform learning by leveraging technology and human interactions together.

Program Description:

Filo offers schools and students the ability to schedule tutoring sessions in small groups. This allows students to work with a consistent tutor for an extended period of time. Filo works with the district to ensure that the curriculum being presented to students is closely aligned with classroom instruction and state standards. Filo serves a variety of school levels, kindergarten through 12th grade (elementary, middle & high school) and focuses on providing core subject areas (Math, ELA, Reading, Writing, SAT/ACT prep etc. ) tutoring for each of these school types. Key components for our program’s quality standards are: 1) Staffing: Filo will work with the District/School to provide highly qualified tutors who have pedagogical content knowledge required to meet the needs of the students served. 2) Curriculum: Filo collaborates closely with each district we work with to ensure we have the appropriate curriculum materials. We ensure that the curriculum being presented in the tutoring sessions is aligned with the classroom instruction inclusive of formative assessments. 3) Data: Filo understands the importance of using student performance data to customize tutoring to drive student achievement. The Filo customer support teams will meet regularly with LEA staff to review student progress and this performance data will be used to make necessary changes to student lesson plans. 4) Frequency: Filo will work with the District to provide a minimum of three (3) sessions per week for each student, with the recommended maximum ratio of three (3) students to one (1) tutor. 5) Schedule: The Filo customer support team will work closely with the district to provide the high dosage tutoring schedules that work best for the schools and students in the District. Additionally, Filo will also provide on-demand tutoring to these students. These students will have tutoring support available any time they need it. 6) Consistency: Filo will work to provide consistent tutors over time to allow tutors and students to develop positive relationships and allow tutors to get to know the students in their efforts to adopt specific strategies to best serve students from diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Filo tutors go through a comprehensive new-hire training and are only hired if they meet our rigorous requirements to be considered qualified for specific grade level courses. Filo has less than a 3% acceptance rate for tutors along with a 6-step recruitment cycle. We follow a stringent training and onboarding process before hiring a tutor and allowing them to interact with students on our platform. In addition to providing a tutoring platform, implementation and engagement is a key focus for Filo. It is our commitment to move quickly and efficiently with the implementation, once a service plan has been agreed upon. We strongly believe that any time lost in providing additional help to students can lead to the compounding of learning gaps. We work to integrate smoothly within the district technology suite and provide students with easy access to high quality tutoring. Implementation Best Practices followed for all our programs: 1) End-to-end performance tracking to provide statistical evidence of efficacy of the program 2) Work closely with district representatives to drive engagement among students 3) Provide live tracking dashboard to school representatives to provide visibility around student usage and feedback 4) Provide regular detailed reports to school administration with actionable insights classified across schools, grades and students With the above program structure and implementation focus, we have a 100% renewal track record so far, for all our programs.

Type of service
Tutoring Program,
Technology Platform
Year Started
Headquarter Location (City, State)
Lewes, Delaware
States of Operation
New Hampshire,
New Jersey,
New Mexico,
New York,
North Carolina,
North Dakota,
Rhode Island,
South Carolina,
South Dakota,
Washington DC,
West Virginia,
Operation Locations
Filo is able to provide high impact tutoring programs in all cities and states. Some of our largest & highest impact programs are currently active in Alabama, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kansas, Ohio, Arizona and Florida.
Most recent number of students served
Subject Offered
Early Literacy,
English Language Arts (ELA),
Social Studies,
Other subjects
SAT and ACT prep
Grade Levels
1st Grade,
2nd Grade,
3rd Grade,
4th Grade,
5th Grade,
6th Grade,
7th Grade,
8th Grade,
9th Grade,
10th Grade,
11th Grade,
12th Grade,
Post secondary
Languages Offered
English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, German etc.
Race/Ethnicity breakdown of tutors
American Indian or Alaska Native 2%, Asian 10%, Black or African American 21%, Hispanic or Latino 14%, and White 53%.
During School
Out of School
Delivery Mode
Tutor-Student Ratio
Number of Sessions Per Week
One day per week, Two days per week, Three days per week, Four days per week, Five days per week, Six days per week
Number of Minutes Per Session
30 minutes or less, 30-45 minutes, 46-60 minutes
Number of Weeks Per Program
7-12 weeks,13-20 weeks, 20-38 weeks
Does your program engage with parents?
Organization Type
For Profit
Customer Type
District, Parent, School, Student
Cost to District/ School/ Non-Profit
Type of Tutor
Certified Teacher, Pre-Service Teacher, K-12 Paraprofessional/Teaching Assistant/Aide
Randomized controlled trial (RCT) study conducted?
Quasi-experimental (QED) study conducted?
Contact Name
Shashank Singhal
Contact Email

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