Tutoring Program Introduction Letter / Permission Slip Example — In-School Tutoring

Click here to view a sample introduction letter/program permission slip that can be adapted. 

  • The exact content of a program’s letter will depend on the design of the tutoring program. 
  • Please see Tutor/Program-Family Communication: Crafting an Introductory Statement for additional guidance. 
  • Note that if the tutoring program is set within a school, any introductory communication should be coordinated beforehand with administrators and teachers.
    • Prior to sending out communications, the tutoring program and tutors should confirm the ideal method for introducing the program to families with school personnel.
    • Further information about soliciting advice on communication with families can be found in the suggestions for initial meetings with administrators and teachers.
    • Often it makes sense for an administrator or teacher to write a note to families introducing the tutoring program, and for this note to be part of a packet that includes the introductory statement and other pertinent information. 
  • Any initial communication being sent to families should be on official letterhead to enhance credibility

If you would like to edit this sample permission slip, click the link below to download it as a Word document.