Intervene K-12

Tutoring Programs

Intervene’s web-based platform supports data-driven, high-dosage small group tutoring for K-12 students across content areas. Intervene works closely with districts to diagnose students’ misunderstanding by utilizing researched-based analytics. The program’s whole child approach prioritizes creating an authentic instructional environment that is culturally responsive.

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Program Focus K-12 students across content areas
Tutor Consistent part-time or full-time staff, screened for content knowledge and ability to engage with students, provided with ongoing support
Instruction Virtual, 4:1 tutor to student ratio, minimum of three sessions per week
Learning Integration Partners with districts to integrate tutoring into the school academic program, can be during or after school
Data Use Regularly uses proprietary standards-aligned software and assessments to diagnose each student’s specific academic needs and develop a tutoring plan