Future Forward

Tutoring Programs

Future Forward combines 1:1 tutoring based on the science of reading and caregiver engagement and training to deliver a lasting solution for struggling readers.

See Proven Tutoring and the Tutoring Database for more information on Future Forward.

Program Focus Early Literacy
Tutor Consistent part-time or full-time staff, screened for content knowledge and ability to engage with students, provided with ongoing support
Instruction In-person, 1:1 tutor to student ratio, 3 sessions per week
Learning Integration Partners with districts to integrate tutoring into the school academic program, partners with caregivers to build their skills in support of their student’s reading and overall academic success
Data Use Uses ongoing instructional reading-level assessment, pre- and post-tests for each literacy skill and a formative STAR Early Literacy assessment administered at least twice a year to inform tutoring sessions and monitor progress