Three Years In, Biden’s American Rescue Plan Buoys Millions of Students and Educators

National Education Association


Over the past few years, finding consensus around the most effective strategies and interventions to address post-COVID learning recovery has largely been elusive. But there is widespread agreement that high-impact, or high-dosage, tutoring holds tremendous promise.  

Ideally, programs include small groups of no more than three to four students. They meet at least three times a week with a professionally trained tutor, during school hours. In addition to the high-quality materials used in the sessions, students benefit from meeting with the same tutor every week. 

Connie Michael, a teacher in Montana says that while high impact tutoring can be costly, the implementation would be well worth it for students.  

“If you can build that solid base of skills, especially in the earlier grades, in the beginning and focus on building relationships with students, the payoff could be huge,” she says. 

NEA and the National Student Support Accelerator have teamed up to help educators advocate for high-impact tutoring programs in their district. 

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