New Tutoring Tool Available: Tutoring Quality Improvement System

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (September 13, 2021) —The National Student Support Accelerator is excited to share our new tool that makes it easier for tutoring programs to improve their quality and for districts selecting tutoring providers to better understand their provider options:

The Tutoring Quality Improvement System (TQIS)

The TQIS, developed in partnership with Bellwether Consulting, provides developing or operating tutoring program with:

  • a rapid, free, and research-based assessment of their program’s quality and
  • tailored recommendations and resources to support the tutoring program’s continuous improvement. 

To use the TQIS, simply click here to answer a series of questions about your tutoring program and you will receive an assessment of how aligned your program is with TQIS Quality Standards as well as a set of specific recommendations for improvement.

Several of the many ways you can benefit from using the TQIS include:

  • A school district or tutoring organization operating their own tutoring program can use TQIS to identify areas for improvement as part of their continuous improvement process.
  • A tutoring organization or school district developing a new tutoring program can use TQIS prior to launch to identify improvement areas as part of their design process.
  • A school district interested in partnering with tutoring providers can request potential providers share their assessment report to better understand the programs they are considering.

The TQIS Quality Standards are the foundation of the TQIS and are aligned with the Accelerator’s Framework for High-Impact Tutoring. These standards were developed by the TQIS Advisory Group that consisted of nine members including successful tutoring practitioners and leaders in tutoring research. 

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Thank you to the many educators, education leaders, researchers, thought-leaders, funders, parents, and community members who have made this work possible.

We are available for your questions and to provide or recommend providers of technical assistance. We also welcome your suggestions and partnership.

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We are looking forward to every student in need having access to an effective tutor who champions and ensures their learning and success.

The National Student Support Accelerator Team