National Accelerator Pushes for Tutoring for All in K–12

The Journal

The original form of personalized learning — tutoring — is about to take a giant step forward. Pandemic-era learning loss has motivated a group of national education leaders to develop an initiative to make "high-impact tutoring" available to all K-12 students, no matter whether their families can afford tutoring or not. When the National Student Support Accelerator, launched by the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, is fully running, it will consist of several components:

  • A network of tutoring organizations and educational systems that want to implement high-impact tutoring and agree on some way to certify tutoring programs based on the practices they follow.
  • Tools and research for use by organizations that are launching new tutoring programs or revising the ones they already have. That would include a "toolkit" for universities that want to create tutoring programs staffed by their own students and a financial model for calculating tutoring costs in given scenarios.
  • A research agenda with at least six "tutoring test sites" where various tutoring models could be measured for their efficacy.
  • Models for scaling successful programs, including coming up ways to generate sustainable funding.


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