Colorado schools are trying to find the right equation to solve low math scores. One answer: high-dosage tutoring

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The pandemic had a massive impact on students, especially in math

Less than a third of Colorado eighth-graders score proficiently in math. So, Colorado has invested heavily in high-impact tutoring programs — $20 million allocated in federal and state dollars since the pandemic. Colorado was also one of five states to get a $1 million grant from Accelerate, a nonprofit that aims to make high-dosage tutoring a feature of the American school day.

large body of evidence shows tutoring is most effective when it happens during the school day, in small groups, using a high-quality curriculum, with experienced tutors, and frequently. One study showed students who complete high-dosage tutoring programs experience large gains in test scores, especially compared to other education interventions.

Some kids at Lake Middle School this year had more than two and a half hours of tutoring each week.

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