TQIS Validated Assessment Application

What is the TQIS Validated Assessment?

The TQIS Validated Assessment provides tutoring programs with a free, validated and research-based assessment of their program’s quality by comparing the tutoring program’s characteristics and activities to a set of industry quality standards along with detailed recommendations for how to improve quality. The TQIS Quality Standards are aligned with the Accelerator’s Framework for High-Impact Tutoring and were developed by the TQIS Advisory Group.


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The Validated Assessment builds on the Self-Assessment by independently reviewing the tutoring program’s submitted evidence including documentation, interviews and session observations.  This allows the Accelerator or its approved technical assistance provider to issue a validated rating(s) and develop and share in-depth and personalized recommendations to improve the tutoring provider’s quality.

Why should I participate in the TQIS Validated Assessment process? 

The Validated Assessment provides the tutoring program with an independent view of how their program operates relative to quality standards. This view, because it is informed by documentation, interviews and observations, allows the validator to develop a deeper understanding of your program and its operations. 

The Validated Assessment provides personalized recommendations based on the validation process as well as a live (likely virtual) review of these recommendations with the program’s validator.

The Validated Assessment also results in a validated rating that can be shared with others if you so choose.  This can serve as an independent evaluation of your program’s quality as you seek to expand your program’s reach.

What does the Validation Assessment process entail?

Validation follows the 6-step process outlined below.  The tutoring program should expect to invest approximately 5 - 10 hours of dedicated time and the validation process may take several weeks once materials are submitted.

TQIS Validation Process
Update Self Assessment
Submit Documents
Schedule Interviews
Provide Observations
Review Results
Activities Complete application When confirmation received, update TQIS self assessment Submit relevant documents Schedule stakeholder interviews Schedule or record and submit observations Review results and participate in consultation
Estimated Time 15 minutes 30 minutes - 1 hour 1 hour 30 minutes 30 minutes to 3+ hours 1.5 - 3 hours


Apply for the TQIS Validated Assessment

If you already have an account or have begun your assessment, please sign in.