Implementation Planning Workbook

Implementation Support Team - or Informal Advisors
(Phase II, Key Action Step 2.1):

Implementation Support Team or Informal Advisor Checklist

  • Have we considered how to represent the following groups?
  • Those responsible for:
    • Selecting students for tutoring
    • implementing tutoring
    • Selecting and training tutors
    • Progress monitoring
    • Communications with families
  • The following roles:
    • District leader
    • School leader
    • Educator
    • Tutor
    • Tutor coach
    • Special Education expert
    • Multi-language learner expert
  • Do we have a clear Implementation Support Team Member role description that members understand that includes:
  • Team Goals
  • Team Meeting Cadence
  • Attendance Expectations
  • Activity Expectations including
    • Studying the materials deeply and building expertise
    • Supporting decision-making around student selection, progress monitoring, communication, scheduling, training, ongoing professional learning
    • Soliciting feedback from stakeholders
    • Investing others in decisions by sharing rationale
    • Observing and gathering data about implementation to support continuous improvement
    • Problem-solving challenges that arise


Implementation Support Team Members

Name Role Organization


Implementation Support Team Meeting Plans & Notes

Meeting Date Goals Agenda Notes/Decisions